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Heal the Earth | Heal the Soul

Compassionate Agriculture 

    • farming for future

    • carbon sequestration

    • closed-loop | zero-waste

    • biodiversity | eco- health

    • food access | social justice

    • climate + disaster response


Create + Connect

Art + Music | inspire, express

Outreach | online blog + videos



By becoming aware of our ecological + social impact, we can reduce harm + invest in a healthier world.

  • ReDuce | Conserve

  • ReUse | Create

  • ReCycle | Compost

Soul and Soil Project envisions communities empowered and connected by locally-thriving and just food systems, embodying human creativity and cooperative systems reflecting Nature's principles of Reciprocity and Sustainability.


Like a diverse ecosystem, we see each individual as serving a unique role in the collective synergy.


We believe regenerative agriculture and art are powerful tools to inspire and directly impact lives.


want to help fill Resiliency Boxes? 

we are co-creating boxes for distribution to all who benefit, full of DIY instructions, empowering information, seeds + garden tips, recipes, wellness and more! Let's work together, share, and heal our relationship with mother earth!

Ecology Research Farm

To regenerate means to revive, or 'to make new life'. Our farm commits to growing nutrient-dense, organic foods in ways that heal the soil. Resilient, local food systems are key to mitigating climate disruptions.


Internships + Volunteering

Connect with us to apply!

Inquire about Field Trips


Events + Workshops >> ONLINE

TBA adapting to COVID19

Community-Style | Partnerships

| Hands-On | DIY | Music | Art |


Regenerative Consulting

Designs for healthy ecosystems

| Gardens | Farms | Businesses |


For more information, visit our site + social media for updates, or contact us at

We are on ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi land.

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