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Growing Practices of the Farm

Our market farm is rooted in regenerative agricultural principles. We work with respect for the land as a living ecosystem, practicing the techniques which wisdom keepers from around the world have learned from Nature.


Regenerative practices work to heal,

replenish and sustain vibrant soil,

so that what we harvest reflects that.

We grow Life. 

We take great care to use practices which do no harm to the soil, the water, or the natural environment.


We are a research and educational farm, and we implement and observe different regenerative methods per section of our farm. This is so that we can continue learning different ecological techniques in relation to our specific location, to help us grow resilience for our local food shed.

Organic Vegetables

Since Nature naturally regenerates herself, we simply have to work in alignment with her ways.

Primary | our core, consistent principles + practices

  • No synthetic pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers or chemicals

  • Minimal tilling year 1, transitioned to No-Till following years 

  • Polyculture + Companion Planting | natural pest + disease protection, while balancing soil chemistry based on different plant types nutrient needs + exchanges

  • Water Systems | reducing water usage with beneficial earth works such as swales, which slow rainfall, capture and hold water in-ground, and slowly release it into the gardens. Swales prevent erosion and waste, and help plants become more resilient to climate. We also collect rainfall and gravity feed from our systems. 

  • Carbon Farming | Sequestering carbon is a key way to address climate change. We do this by planting many trees and extra plants like perennials and flowers, minimizing energy-powered vehicles or tools, not tilling the soil (releases carbon) and making compost.

  • Permaculture | we are moving toward “a permaculture” landscape, where relationships between the many facets of an ecosystem are successfully and beneficially created. While Zones 1-2 in our system are dedicated to growing for market, we also utilize surrounding acres to nurture habitats which benefit the entire landscape, including our market-farm. The market farm hosts diversity.

  • Lunar Planting | in accordance with Stella’s biodynamic planting calendar, we sow and harvest during a plant’s ideal lunar phase

Secondary | integrated into our farming practices

  • Biodynamic-Inspired | We do not currently implement all biodynamic techniques at present, but are fascinated by it and plan to practice more as we grow. We are consistent with the lunar planting cycles.

  • Composting | We have a variety of pallet compost systems that we produce with static methods such as Johnson-Su Method. We use the compost to top-dress and add in with the seed starts when planting.

  • Vermicomposting | These little wormy friends do wonders. We have a 3 bay system we filter through and incorporate the finished product (castings) into the compost tea as well as in with our planting mix.

  • Mulch Inoculation | This is our newest addition to the operation. These magical inoculants are beneficial fungus and bacteria hosted in a large mass of wood chips, which are then used in our pathways, in the fruit orchard, as well as in vertical mulching.

Though not officially certified organic, we go above and beyond

federal and mainstream standards of organic farming :

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