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Liberation Tools is a subsect of Soul & Soil Project based in the unceded Tsalagi (aka Cherokee) territory of Western North Carolina.


We seek to support racial justice and food sovereignty through the free distribution of high quality, hand forged garden tools to BIPOC who grow food

or want to start. 

This project is currently in development stages and

more updates will be posted here as we continue to

build our blacksmith shop and a catalogue of tools.


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We will be selling tools at twice the cost of production
to fund distribution. Hand hoes now available at Art Garden AVL

Click here to learn more about our intentions and philosophy.





Camp Fire

Cheap garden tools are easy to come by, but they tend to be flimsy, made with plastic, shipped long distances, and made for a white, male customer base. Readily available tools are made for only one type of body, and therefore have large handles for big hands and tall statures. They also tend to repeat limited patterns and styles, while African and indigenous designs (which are often much more sturdy) are hard to find and expensive to buy. Our hope is to remove barriers in the way of BIPOC farmers of all genders and body types while rekindling a respect for quality, local crafts that last a lifetime. 

Please consider making a tax deductible donation directly to this project!  




To donate with a check, make it out to “Soul and Soil Project” and write “Liberation Tools” in the memo. Mail to: P.O. Box 16653, Asheville, NC, 28816 

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Chloe, our Equity and Distribution Director, hangin with some cool chicks
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