nourish the future

a cooperative nonprofit for Resilience + Happiness

an online + onsite educational platform promoting the practice of whole-systems healing + lifestyles with regenerative agriculture +  art.

creativity | ecology | reciprocity

With Nature as our teacher of beauty + balance, our community-style programs + partnerships aim to connect the dots between:

social, earth, health + food

justice + peace.

Our work emphasizes:

  • de-consumerizing + upcycling

  • building local, regenerative food systems

  • integrative + intersectional collaborations

    • collective responsibility + solidarity

  • reducing food waste + ecological harm

  • self-care to prevent burn-out + increase joy

  • engaging + investing in youth

  • mitigating climate change disruptions

  • empowerment with DIY skills + cooperation

  • art to reflect, represent + connect us 

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mother earth

In a time of overwhelming ecological + social imbalance,

it is vital to keep our spirits high + sleeves rolled up.



we deeply recognize the potential of regenerative agriculture and lifestyles to address and heal a multitude of socio-environmental problems. Our farm is where we learn, practice, explore and embody the principles of permaculture and hope for our future. 

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as we grow into our newest chapter, ever-evolving as individuals, as a collective, as a vision, we invite new members to our board. If you feel called to contribute to the resilience of our wide community, work in a cooperative team both collaboratively and interdependently, have experience or a lot of passion relating to programming, fundraising, education, permaculture, nonprofits, business, solidarity economics and much more, reach out! email us:

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