growing resilient,

   happier communities


Soul + Soil Project

an ecology + arts resiliency learning nonprofit project

with our very own regenerative organic farm.

Soul and Soil Project envisions communities empowered and connected

by locally-thriving and equitable food systems.

Like a diverse ecosystem,

we see each individual as serving a unique role in the collective synergy.

We believe regenerative agriculture and art are powerful tools to inspire and directly impact lives.

Our Work

ECOLOGY FARM | We grow nutrient-dense foods for partnering businesses wanting to support regenerative agriculture. Our crops are grown in ways that build soil health, foster biodiversity, protect and harvest water and encourage habitat resiliency. We grow organically, and do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and are committed to minimal-till practices. Our farm is also used for internships, research and events.

EVENTS | youth-friendly, resiliency-themed events, workshops and showcases highlighting smart entertainment, music performances and wellness. Our outreach projects seek to make inspiring information and networking available through our online blog and video series (coming soon!)

EDUCATION | internships + workshops on regenerative practices as tools for climate change + self-sufficiency, integrating Do-It-Yourself activities geared toward unconsumerizing + reclaiming creative lifestyles. A mixture of arts-integrated, hands-on learning, with solution-based dialogue on themes like local food systems, climate change, food access and justice, biodiversity, culture, healing + honoring the earth.




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P.O. BOX 16653 ASHEVILLE, NC 28816

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